Design4Ukraine Association is a Ukrainian non-governmental organisation that aims to shape a holistic society.
The vision is to ensure a better life for citizens by implementing design tools and promoting design culture. The Design4Ukraine team works as a universal unit analysing and designing ecosystem changes in the creative sector.

The methodology created by Design4Ukraine and Open Circle University of Generations has been tested for 13 years in working groups by neuro-philosopher Olga Duda and under harsh conditions of a full-scale invasion. This methodology allows us to work with challenges of any complexity, launch changes, and achieve self-organising and sustainability.

Why Design Matters

Design is the driving force of any human activity today, an integral part of the creative, economic, and diplomatic sectors. The multidirectional nature of design makes it possible to use a whole range of solutions to create innovative concepts, models, and sustainable processes of shaping or reforming:

The Association's Goals: