Design of Changes

Design of Changes is a holistic movement and a multi-stage program to create an ecosystem of activists and change-makers. The program addresses everyone who wants to take responsibility for their future. Design of Changes is for those who bring new ideas, implement new values, communicate new ideas, and ensure the way forward.
Design of Changes encourages and develops a holistic vision of the world around us: sustainability (analogous to neuroplasticity) and viability (analogous to neuroresilience). Interaction will take place in such areas as economics, science and medicine, politics, media and information, culture and education.
The program has three successive levels of participant involvement:
Types of events:

Ukrainian Identity

The Ukrainian Identity project aims to study, research, and create a unified identity for the Ukrainian nation. The work takes place on three levels:

Analysing and collecting historical, mythological, and sociological facts and narratives. Researching the influence of Russian propaganda, deliberate distortion of ideas and facts to discredit Ukrainian culture.

Co-creating — searching for and restoring relevant, modern national meanings and codes through myth design and cultural diplomacy.

Popularisation of modern and ancient Ukrainian cultural traditions and folk rituals, habits, myths, etc.
The main components of the Ukrainian identity project:
  1. Developing an integrated visual design system for the government and the state.
  2. Creating the Brand of Ukraine: Gradually forming a generative idea to supplement with narratives relevant to the country.
  3. Public dialogues: Talk About the Future — events that involve famous experts to discover the essence of national cultural codes.
  4. Ukrainian_identity collection —  the archive of symbols, signs, patterns, their history, interpretation, and explanation.
The result of the project will be to strengthen the country's positive international and national image. The Ukrainian Identity project is a constructor to build a coherent, unified Ukrainian statehood. In the current situation, when Russia encroaches on the identity of the entire Ukrainian people, openly stating that it aims to destroy that very identity, the issue of protecting, strengthening, and reinforcing the Ukrainian identity should naturally become one of the highest priorities in the development and promotion of Ukrainian culture. The government and society should not create a cacophony of contradictory narratives and messages but speak with one voice. This move is the only way the world can hear us, and we can become a nation of winners.

Ministry of Design

Initiative of the united professional team of Ukrainian designers to develop an integrated design system for the government and the state.

Design in Time of War

The Design in Time of War collection is a curatorial research project, a manifesto of the core values of the Ukrainian spirit through the presentation of design cases that influenced the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The project encompasses  an international capsule (mobile) exhibition and a book-album. The Design in Time of War represents the qualities of Ukrainians that enable us to do the "impossible," to act "unpredictably," to show incredible resilience and social solidarity.

Kyiv Design Week

The first Kyiv Design Week (August 30 —   September 19, 2023) took place in Zurich and Kyiv under the auspices of Zurich Design Weeks with the support of the Federal Government of Germany.

The event became the basis and prototype for our team to develop a movement of exchange culture and international interaction in the design field.

Design Week is an annual event in the world of design that takes place in the world's largest capitals, such as Milan, Paris, London, and Dubai. Design Week is one of the most prestigious events in the design field, covering almost two dozen design areas: clothing, furniture, architecture, graphics, industrial design, etc.

Kyiv Design Week took place for the first time in 2023. Due to the full-scale war, the city could not hold a full-fledged event. In addition, because of the war, many Ukrainian designers are now forced to work in different European cities. That's why our colleagues from Zurich Design Weeks came to the rescue and agreed to host Kyiv Design Week in their city.

During Kyiv Design Week, we presented graphic, product, industrial, collectable design, cyber fashion, educational projects, art, and traditional crafts. The main events took place in Zurich, where exhibitions, discussions, presentations, lectures, documentary screenings, performances, and many other events took place almost three weeks, reminding Europeans of Ukraine and its talents.

The Kyiv Design Week festival occurred in seven locations in Zurich and Kyiv.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
Kulturhaus HELFEREI
Thomas Kurer Galerie

MacPаw Space
Vozianov Studio
the Naked Room

Kyiv Design Week took nplace within the framework of the TIPSTER project, implemented by the NGO "Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine", with the financial support of the German government as part of the international cooperation project ReACT4UA.

The partner of Kyiv Design Week is the USAID Competitive Economy Program.

Kyiv Design Week was held with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine.

Crossing Kyiv

Crossing Kyiv is a concept developed by NO MAD paper publishing house (Italy, Switzerland) in collaboration with Design4Ukraine. It aims to promote Ukrainian art and culture to an international audience and provide insight into the diverse and vibrant cultural life.

The project teaser was presented on September 19, 2023, during Kyiv Design Week. The full printed edition will be presented in 2024 at the next Kyiv Design Week. The bilingual edition (in English and Ukrainian) will have an international distribution and will consist of chapters dedicated to various aspects of Kyiv's cultural life, such as contemporary art, design, music, architecture, cinema, and other sectors. Through in-depth interviews, the publication explores the stories behind Kyiv's art and culture, and provides a holistic understanding of the Ukrainian cultural scene. The book will be illustrated with works of Ukrainian photographers, designers, and artists, allowing readers to look beyond the perception of Ukraine through the prism of war and see instead the unbreakable spirit of Europe's new creative capital. Kyiv is becoming a new point of attraction on the map of the European Union.
View the publication teaser: